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 Apulex Quarterly Meeting

In the spring of the New Year, the firecrackers rushed together to celebrate the new year. On the first day of the first month of 2018, when all the Chinese were still in a leisure and holiday mode, 23 of the Apsulais New Army came to the m......

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 Auplex Management Teams Outing


Time:2018-06-06   View:84
Auplex Business School's latest class Team Execution

A total of more than 150 people participated......

Time:2018-06-06   View:180
Entrepreneurship Society Held In Auplex

More than 50 members came to Auplex Park to learn more about the core secret behind the rapid development of Auplex and to feel the unique corporate culture of Auplex.......

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The First Session Of The New Training

Since the start of new recruiting training in 2015, the number of new recruits in this training is the largest, reaching more than 80 people. This shows that Auplex is entering the fast lane of development......

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Auplex Sales Teams Win Alibaba Championship

Hundreds of foreign trade companies in Fuzhou were divided into dozens of corps and competed in various marketing data in March. Auplex sales win numerous honors in this big PK.......

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Special Military Training

Auplex had long-term adherence to the training of staffs. Every year we send new members who are highly unified with company values. They are an important part of Auplexs talent team building. It also represents Auplex future.......

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The Second Auplex Basketball Game

The purpose is to enrich the sports and entertainment life of the employees through the recreational activities in the basketball game, enhance the communication of the employees, give full play to the team spirit, enhance the teams cohesive......

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 Auplex Managements' Visit to China Famous Mount Wuyi

Auplex Appliance Co. Ltd. is the first Subsidiary of Auplex Group. Due to outstanding performance in June, their management decided to spend two days holiday to visit China famous Mount Wuyi Scenic Spot as a welfare. Following is their Trav......

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